Come join a modular campaign with a rotating cast of adventurers and where your additions may effect the story outside your own.
These adventures are rules light, low commitment, easy access for new or rusty players, and focus on collaborative story telling. My goal is connect players (possibly future GMs) that see the hurtles of managing or learning games with a relax access experience.

$10 per person

To book a seat at one of our campaigns, please reach out via email and know that these are in-person games local to the
North Dallas/Plano
area. Introduce yourself with by filling out the
RPG intro form
and attaching it to the email.
Afterwhich, I will get back to you with any questions and a payable invoice to hold your seat.
If you are new, I'll recommend joining a Session 0 day prior to your campaign to craft your character and what they are doing in the world.